Data-Driven Farming: Success and challenges in the Digital Age

Data-Driven Farming: Success and challenges in the Digital Age

Join us for our upcoming webinar: Data-Driven Farming: Success and challenges in the Digital Age

Data-Driven Farming: Success and challenges in the Digital Age

Are you looking to understand the opportunities for your farm partners or Agrifood suppliers’ data?

Join us for an informative webinar that will cover the latest industry developments, challenges, and potential solutions in the field of data-driven farming.

Our expert panellists will share their experiences and insights on key topics such as farm data policy, technology companies supporting producers, on-farm challenges of getting data right, and real-world case studies. You’ll learn about the latest tools and techniques for collecting, analysing, and leveraging data to optimize producer performance and sustainability in the Agrifood value chain. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions during the live Q&A session at the end.

Welcome to a series of webinars delivered for supply chain professionals offering to provide insights and strategies for meeting modern day consumer expectations within the dairy industry.

These webinars will be hosted by a team of independent subject matter experts, who are recognised as global pioneers within the food supply chain. Our team specialise in adding value through consultancy on all aspects of production, animal health and welfare using real time data capture and innovative data analytics and have over 15 years’ of experience working with a wide range of clients, including retailers, processors, pharmaceutical companies, and industry representative bodies.

Understanding your scope 3 emissions- using simple modelling at farm level to target reduction strategies

1.00pm – 2.00pm on 23rd May 2023 [BST]

The dairy industry faces the challenge of improving its environmental sustainability. Measuring a farm’s GHG emissions intensity is a starting point but on its own is not enough. A more engaging, data-driven approach which helps farmers and their advisors to simply understand the biggest wins based on their individual farm circumstances is likely to be more successful.

  • Explore how to model farms and apply different scenarios (such as changes in fertility, feeding and forage production) to quantify the effects of these changes on GHG emissions and protein/nitrogen efficiency
  • Learn how to calculate feed protein and nitrogen efficiency
  • Gain a better understanding of the relationship between these factors and GHG emissions
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Hugh Martineau

James Husband

Protecting Your Brand: Strategies for Mitigating Potential Risks

1.00pm – 2.00pm on 7th June 2023 [BST]

The dairy industry is facing increasing scrutiny from consumers, the media and activists.  For those involved in the dairy supply chain, an awareness and understanding of the potential risks are the first steps in mitigating against these risks.  This webinar will focus on two areas – calves and Johne’s disease.

Welfare of young calves:

  • The emotive issue surrounding the welfare of young calves that resonates strongly with the public
  • The need to ensure dairy units have viable outlets for all calves produced to meet consumer expectations
  • Available options that are economically sustainable for the farm
  • Challenges that the industry faces in achieving this goal
  • Real-life strategies to assist the industry in achieving this goal

Johne’s disease:

  • Why controlling Johne’s disease is important for the resilience of the supply base
  • The potential brand risk Johne’s disease may pose to a dairy business
  • How data can be used to quantify the scale of the issue in supplying farms
  • Monitoring progress towards controlling Johne’s disease on affected farms.
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Julia Moorhouse

Richard Cooper

Optimising herd health and promoting responsible use of pharmaceuticals in the dairy industry

1.00pm – 2.00pm on 15th June 2023 [BST]

Maintaining a healthy herd is a cornerstone of efficient dairy herd management, but it also brings additional benefits in terms of reducing anti-microbial usage and can have a wider impact on the environment.

  • Discover the key challenges facing the industry in relation to responsible use of medicines and uses udder health
  • Learn how existing data can be used to improve preventative strategies in a herd
  • Discuss the additional benefits which a strategic approach to herd health can bring to the environment
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Jude Roberts

Graham Baird

James Breen

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