Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy relates to the use of the Pure Farming platform for connecting data between data originators (usually farmers and growers) and data consumers (those requesting access to data)


This is the Acceptable Use Policy of the Map of Agriculture Group. The Map of Agriculture Group consists of several different legal entities in various jurisdictions, including:

  1. United Kingdom: Map of Agriculture Limited (company number 09467966), Map of Ag Analytics Limited (company number 02977800), Precision Decisions Limited (company number 05717670) and Evidence Group Limited (company number 05770843), all with their registered offices atSuite 1A, Cumbria House, Gilwilly Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9FF, UK, Tel: +44 (0)1768 868472.
  2. New Zealand: Map of Agriculture NZ Limited (company number 6051431) trading as Rezare Systems, with its registered office at Ground Floor, SkyPoint Building, 3 Melody Lane, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand, Tel: +64 7 8570820.
  3. Australia: Rezare Systems Pty Limited (ACN 615 022 387), with its registered office at Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia, Tel: +61 2 6188 4429.

This policy is issued on behalf of the Map of Agriculture Group companies listed above so when we mention “we”, “us” or “our” in this policy, we are referring to the relevant company in the Map of Agriculture Group, or the whole Map of Agriculture Group, as the case may be.

We provide software-based information services for organisations in the agriculture and agri-food sectors. As part of this, we provide an online data platform which aims to create unique solutions that help agribusinesses embrace the digital age (Service). This policy describes the acceptable use of the Service.

1Acceptable Use
  1. Provided you have been authorised by the organisation or business you represent you may use the Service to:
    1. Administer account access and data controls for your organisation or business (including inviting employees, subcontractors, or other third parties who act on behalf of your organisation or business to use the Service, and controlling their level of data access).
    2. Connect external software systems or databases, or otherwise upload or transmit data about your organisation or business, providing you have the right to access, control, and publish that data.
    3. As a “Data Originator” (most often a farmer or grower), review requests from “Data Consumers” (those requesting access to data) to access subsets of the data about your organisation or business, and grant, modify, deny, or withdraw access to the data for those Data Consumers.
    4. As a Data Consumer:
      1. request access to subsets of data from Data Originators, subject to specific terms and purposes agreed between your organisation or business and the Data Originator; and
      2. if access is granted by the Data Originator, access and use that data subject to the purpose and terms under which access has been granted by the Data Originator.
2Unacceptable Use
  1. The types of activities using the Service that are unacceptable include:
    1. Using the Service for unlawful or illegal purposes, including copyright or licence infringements, obscenity, distributing pornographic or objectional material, fraud, defamation, plagiarism, harassment, intimidation, forgery, impersonation, computer tampering, and destruction of data owned by others.
    2. Unlawful processing or transmission of the personal information of other parties.
    3. Transmitting or providing data that you know to be incorrect, unfit for the purpose for which it will be used, or which could mislead any recipients.
    4. Transmitting or providing data that you do not have the right to access, control and publish.
    5. Accessing or using data for which you have not been granted rights to use or using data outside of the purpose and terms under which rights of use have been granted by the Data Originator.
    6. Interfering with the proper operation of the Service; or using the Service to interfere with the proper operation of other IT systems, including hacking, interception, denial of service attacks, or (in the case of software connections) exceeding the documented rate and data size limits for use of the Service.
    7. As a Data Consumer, transmitting or providing data onwards to a third party in a manner which is intended to circumvent (or has the effect of circumventing) that third party’s obligation to pay connection fees for use of the Service.
    8. Conducting any systematic or automated data collection activities (including scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) on or in relation to the Service without our express written consent.
    9. Accessing or otherwise interacting with the Service using any robot, spider or automated means other than through a published application programming interface (API) with credentials that we have issued to you for that purpose.
  2. All use must comply with all applicable laws in all relevant jurisdictions, including those relating to privacy and/or data protection, fair trading, copyright, defamation, objectionable material, and spam, as well as any advertising codes of practice which may be relevant.
3Response to Unacceptable Use
  1. Without limiting any other legal remedies available to us or any other affected parties, we may, at our sole discretion:
    1. Issue a warning and require a change of behaviour, for example where we reasonably believe that an unacceptable use was unintentional or had only a negligible or minor impact on other parties.
    2. Suspend access and use of the Service until we are satisfied that required changes have been made or put sufficient controls have been implemented to stop further unacceptable use. Suspension of a paid account for unacceptable use does not remove the requirement for you to pay for the Service. You must not circumvent or bypass, or attempt to circumvent or bypass, any access or use restrictions.
    3. Terminate access and use of the Service.
  1. This Acceptable Use Policy may be changed or updated from time to time. Continued use of the Services following any change represents agreement to be bound by this Acceptable Use Policy as amended.  We suggest regularly reviewing this Acceptable Use Policy whenever using the Service.
  2. Please direct any questions or comments about this Acceptable Use Policy by email to